We’re TM Digital (originally Tiernan Marketing). Founded in July 2012, we’ve grown from originally providing social media and SEO services to being a full service agency with the ability to deliver projects of all types and sizes when it comes to getting your business online.

Our logo represents different elements that all come together as a full 360 service. These elements are interchangable and can be re-interpreted for different needs because we understand that each and every business is unique with it’s own individual needs and challenges.

We’d love to help you

We help businesses with their online presence. We don’t provide services in a traditional sense. We simply charge a fixed monthly fee and develop a strategy that makes use of the best combination of digital technologies for your business.

From developing your online strategy, to setting up your website and online shop, to ongoing management and much more, you can be certain that your online presence is in good hands. And with monthly reports, you can easily track progress.